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Category: Snack trays made of sugercane

Snack trays made of sugercane

These snack trays are a good alternative to the plastic snack trays that can no longer be used from July 2021. The appearance of these containers is beautiful, solid and environmentally friendly.
These trays are sturdy and retain heat longer than plastic trays. They are also more resistant to hot products that have just come out of the fryer. Plastic containers can deform due to the heat and that does not happen with these containers.

Pulp remains in the production of sugar from sugar cane. This waste is called bagasse. These snack trays are made from this residual product. These snack trays are industrially compostable according to DIN EN 13432 standards.

Box with 600 Pieces
Snack Box A13 Sugarcane Brown 163 x 110 x 36mm
Box with 600 Pieces
Snack Box A14 Sugarcane Brown 189 x 121 x 30mm
Box with 800 pieces
Snack Box A16N Sugarcane Brown 203 x 68 x 34mm
Snack Box A20 (A14+1) Sugarcane Brown 207 x 122 x 35mm
Snack Box A22 (A9+1) Sugarcane Brown 205 x 122 x 36mm
Snack Box A23 (A7+1) Sugarcane Brown 170 x 95 x 35mm
Box with 800 Pieces
Snack Box A5 Sugarcane Brown 150 x 78 x 30mm
Box with 400 Pieces
Snack Box A50 Sugarcane Brown 204 x 144 x 39mm
Box with 800 pieces
Snack Box A7 Sugarcane Brown 122 x 95 x 35mm
Box with 600 Pieces
Snack Box A9 Sugarcane Brown 145 x 95 x 36mm