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Category: Blinky Eco-tabs

Blinky eco tabs

The new way of environmentally friendly cleaning.

Blinky eco tabs are small bags from 6 to 8 grams filled with concentrated detergent made from environmentally friendly chemicals. These bags are packed in 100% compostable packaging.
One bag is enough to fill the accompanying 650ml spray bottle.
Because the water is added to the product by the end user, this results in enormous Co2 savings. The final 650ml product has been reduced to a 6 gram bag. A truck full of detergent bottles now fits in a few boxes!

The eco-tabs, the bottles and the spray triggers all have their own color so that the user can easily see what belongs together and which bottle is for which application.


Fill the spray bottle with water, put the bag in it, shake it and the product is ready to use.
There are currently 5 different cleaning products available that are suitable for cleaning any type of environment from office building to industrial food processing.

Number 1 Glass and interior cleaner
Number 2 Sanitary cleaner
Number 3 Degreaser
Number 4 All-purpose cleaner
Number 5 Sanitary gel
Number 6 Disinfectant

Blinky 1 Interior cleaner eco-tabs (Light blue)

Box with 20 pieces

Blinky 2 Sanitary Cleaner eco-tabs (Red)

Box with 10 pieces

Blinky 3 Degreaser (Yellow) 5 - 10 Liter Tabs

Box with 20 pieces

Blinky 3 Degreaser eco-tabs (Yellow)

Blinky 4 All Purpose Cleaner (Green) 5 - 10 Liter Tabs

Box with 20 pieces

Blinky 4 All Purpose Cleaner eco-tabs (Green)

Box with 10 pieces

Blinky 5 Sanitary Gel eco-tabs (Blue)