About Horecavoordeel

Horecavoordeel - wholesale of packaging materials, cleaning products and catering candles. We supply many companies with a complete range at very competitive prices. The more you purchase from us as a customer, the more discount we try to give you.

Our motto is:


The more we can purchase together from different manufacturers, the lower the prices become! This can be especially interesting for you if you use a reasonable amount of packaging materials, candles and / or cleaning products.

Do you also want to take advantage of this? We are happy to make a competitive offer for you. Do not hesitate to contact us!

You can reach us by telephone on +31 (0)255 756 356 or send an email to info@horecavoordeel.com Clearly indicate in your e-mail which products you use and how often you order them. (A copy of the order list from your current supplier is often sufficient). We will contact you as soon as possible!