Intra Community Delivery

EU deliveries without VAT

If you order from us as a company from a European country other than the Netherlands and you have a valid VAT number linked to your company, you can order from us with €0.00 VAT.

To make use of this, it is important that you enter the correct VAT number with your address details. (The complete VAT number must be entered without spaces or dots)

The moment you save the address, a connection is automatically made to the VIES database.

(VAT Information Exchange System)

This checks whether the specified VAT number is linked to the company name and address. The moment this information is correct, the VAT is automatically set to € 0.00.

It is possible that your company is registered at a different address than the delivery address for your order. If this is the case, create a separate billing address in which you add the VAT number.

If for some reason the VAT number is not accepted by VIES and you place the order and pay the VAT, then we cannot settle the VAT with you afterwards.

So if you see that the VAT is not set to € 0.00 and you are sure that your VAT number is correct, please contact us so that we can perform the check manually.