Products with your name or logo on it

Many of our customers use different products printed with their own name and / or logo. You can think of napkins, bags, paper bags, printed lids, trays, cutlery bags, catering boxes, cake boxes, foils, adhesive tape, labels, etc.

The prices of these types of personalized products often only become interesting when you buy larger quantities.

Due to our close contacts with the various manufacturers who make these types of products, we can offer these products at a competitive price.

Personalized products are often somewhat larger investments that also take up a lot of storage space.

Because many companies themselves do not have enough storage space to store these kinds of quantities, we do that for them. We offer our customers to store these products with us for a period of one year. (If these products have to be reordered, this one-year period starts again with the last delivery).

The big advantage of this is that you can purchase these products in one go for a whole year, which often reduces the price enormously. This price difference can amount to more than 30%.

You can then have these personalized products delivered by us with your regular orders.