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Fried fish trays

These containers in the shape of a fish are made of polystyrene.
They are available in white, black, blue and red with and without sauce-box.
Sizes are available for small and large portions.

The products of the Meulendijks brand are of a high quality. They are produced in an environmentally responsible manner and can be recycled in an environmentally conscious manner. As a result, these products are less damaging to the environment.

The products are made of 3 layer foil, Enreps®, (enclosed recycled polystyrene) or Rpet. The top and bottom layer consists of a 1st class virgin material and is 100% suitable for contact with food. The intermediate layer is a combination of clean recycled and new material. The products remain recyclable and meet the migration test according to the BRC certificate, the highest status.

Due to the special composition of the film, material can be saved on the end product, without loss of quality, which in turn leads to energy saving in the production process, resulting in less impact on the environment.

In these products, no foreign raw materials are added so that the products are fully recyclable with other similar plastics and no harmful substances are released during waste processing. All plastic residues, resulting from the production process, are reused in these products.

Plastic hero campaign

Everywhere in the country plastic is being collected and recycled. The plastic hero campaign is current. By placing the plastic hero logo on a number of these recyclable products, this encourages the users to handle plastic waste in a responsible manner, so that this can be repeatedly processed in new products.